Here is a selection of Rachel's work. It is by no means exhaustive, so if you want to know more please contact her directly.

As the nature of some work with health and pharmaceutical organisations can be confidential, it is not possible to give give details of some of these projects, but to find out more contact Rachel directly.

‘My concern is for the next virus’, The i, September 16, 2021
‘GP crisis is as serious an issue as Covid’, The i, August 26 2021
‘I’m condemned to live with these legs’, The i, August 1, 2021
GP crisis as serious to the NHS as Covid, Medscape, June 2021
Emotional 'First Aid Kit' Gives Tips for Doctors on COVID Front Line, Medscape, May 2021
Winners and losers: Medical education during COVID-19, Medscape, February 2021
Undervaluing Public Health makes COVID inequalities worse, Medscape, January 2021
Could NHS-Wide Menopause Policy Help Stop Medics Quitting? Medscape, August 2020
Long COVID and Inflammation: A Cardiologist's Expert View, Medscape August 2020
Medics With 'Long COVID' Call for Clinical Recognition, Medscape, July 2020
Overseas Doctors' Cautious Welcome of English Test Extension, Medscape June 2020
Anxiety Over Teenage Cancer Treatment Under COVID-19, Medscape, June 2020
COVID-19: Therapeutic Benefits of 'Secret' ICU Gardens, Medscape May 2020
COVID-19 PPE Gender Divide: No One-Size-Fits-All? Medscape, May 2020
Virtual Visiting Comes to COVID-19 ICUs, Medscape, April 2020
COVID-19: Manchester Nightingale Takes Different Approach To London, Medscape, April 2020
COVID-19: How Technology is Monitoring Spread and Lockdown, Medscape, April 2020
COVID-19: Medical Students' Fast Track Plans Finalised, Medscape March 2020
COVID-19: Medical Students Await Emergency Arrangements, Medscape, March 2020
EXCLUSIVE: Simple cheek swab saves newborns from deafness, Independent, January 2020
Profile Dame Sue Black: One girl’s case led me to pursue abusers, Guardian March 2019
Being involved in drama as an isolated young carer saved my life, Guardian August 2019
How Xbox technology could keep elderly people safe at home, Guardian, June 2018
Parkinson’s Disease and Dance: “It keeps me alive”, Guardian, November 18, 2018
The career changers choosing social care, Guardian, September 2018
Could yoga save prisoners from a life of crime? Guardian, September 2018
Smashing it - how table tennis can bring generations together and build a community, The Guardian, April 2018
Life and death: GPs referring patients to food banks, The Guardian, February 2018
Art draws students to consider career in medicine, The Guardian, June 2017
The pie shop regenerating Liverpool, Guardian, April 2017
Profile of Greater Manchester’s head of devolved health John Rowse, Guardian, March 2017
GP data sharing transforms care for homeless, Guardian, February 2017
Cancer champions, Guardian, February 2017
Ex offender scheme cuts reoffending cycle, Guardian, January 2017
Vicars and GPs join forces in rural Cumbria, Guardian, December 2016
Walking game that improves health without communities noticing, Guardian, November 2016
Digital technology helps patients with long-term conditions, November 2016
Dance company helping youngsters with mental health problems, Guardian, October 2016
GPs acting as one-stop shop for troubled families in Oldham, Guardian, September 2016
Coverage of NHS Health and Innovation Conference 2016, Guardian, September 2016
How Manchester plans to be the best place for dementia care, Guardian, August 2016
Future of mobile-centric health care, The Guardian, August 2016
Specialist centres could boost ovarian cancer survival, The Guardian, July 2016
UK NHS medical director defends overseas staff, The Guardian, July 2016
What can mindfulness teach the police? The Guardian, June 2016
Playstation game helps veterans in prison, The Guardian, June 2016
Could a new research partnership make Manchester healthier? June 2016
Should yoga be part of NHS care? The Guardian, April 2016
Crowd funding for Alzheimer’s drug? The Guardian, April 2016
Could music cut the cost of dementia care? The Guardian, February 2016
New concerns about devolving health to the regions, The Guardian, November 2015
Hospital offers food parcels to at risk patients, The Guardian, October 2015

Carpark chemo, The Guardian, October 2015

Should Acupuncture be used more widely in the NHS? Guardian, October 2015
How assistive technology can help people with autism, Guardian October 2015
How iPad app relaxes child patients before operations, Guardian, July 2015
Could proton beam therapy help cure the UK's toughest cancers?, Guardian, August 2015
New programme aims to identify what matters most to patients? Guardian, August 2015
Burns nurse championing victims of honour abuse, Guardian, July 2015
What makes an outstanding GP practice, Guardian Healthcare, July 2015
Harold Ellis: My distress at whistleblowers being bullied in the NHS, Guardian, February, 2015
Tony Redmond: The NHS medic leading the fight against Ebola, Guardian, December 2014
Amputees get new lease of life from new prosthetics centre, Guardian, December 2014
Oral Health Dialogue, Colgate Palmolive, Summer 2014
Ebola: Skype consultations could prevent an outbreak, Guardian, October 2014
Ramadan fast can put Muslims with diabetes at risk, The Guardian, June 2014
Parenting scheme cuts number of children going into care, The Guardian, March 2014
Football fans get FFIT through Scottish premiership obesity scheme, Guardian, January 2014
Could arts training for medics prevent another Mid Staffs NHS scandal?, Guardian, November 2013
Digging for dementia - Guardian, July 2013
Poetry's use to boost effectiveness of medical care for fungal diseases, Guardian, October 2013
Female genital mutilation: asylum seeker fights deportation - Guardian November 2012
Plumbers raise awareness of prostate cancer - Guardian, June 2006
How learning disability liaison nurses are transforming patient care - The Guardian,
July 2012

Brochure for the North West Respiratory Team, June 2012
'Speech therapy - when sorry is not enough', Guardian, Feb 2012'
Data capture for Colgate Palmolive resulting in article in Diabetologia (November 2011)
10th Anniversary of Meningitis C vaccination project
How rowing can help women recover from breast cancer
Children survive cancer in school
Pioneering project to improve asthma through music
Liverpool city of smoke?
Ambridge and Alzheimers
CECo (Cancer Experiences Collaborative) brochure
High-impact strategies toolkit for North West Joint Improvement Partnership
UHSM Academy brochure

Chetham's School of Music, London launch brochure, September 2011
Gabor Takacs-Nagy on music and football - Gramophone Sept 2011
Flautist loses irreplaceable flutes in riots - Guardian August 14 2011
Dramatic art works at Cumbrian hill farm
How a choir survived scandal to achieve success
Emma Kirkby on her schooldays
Drama project for children with Aspergers
Sir Colin Davis on his schooldays
The Englishman at the top of the Danish Dance Company
Awakings at Rambert
Viva Maestra! - material coming soon
BBC Music Magazine - Miracle Cure - material coming soon
Dame Janet Baker on inspiration and teaching, Music Teacher, May 2008

Lancaster University 50th anniversary, January 2014
Gypsy education

Moslem head teachers
Why school is hell for transgender pupils
Fighting race hate without violence
Urdu on the hospital wards
Linking with the pulse of Africa
Cultural revolution: Corby meets China
Bootle leaps into the unknown

To discuss or seek information about any aspect of Rachel's work, please contact
her directly.

Rachel Pugh

WINNER - Freelance Medical Journalist Award 2014

Rachel Pugh