"Proper words in proper places, make the true definition of styleā€¯ Jonathan Swift

Rachel Pugh is an award-winning writer, who believes in the versatile and stylish use
of words.

Whether she is working in the complex technical language of medical and health reports, or writing a general article for a national publication, Rachel believes communication should be accurate, effective and, if possible, enjoyable.

Her principal areas of specialisation are medical and health communications (for both specialist technical and general markets). She can be found writing features for national newspapers and magazines, covering medical conferences, preparing and editing reports for multi-national companies, giving strategic advice to the Public Sector, charities and research organisations on communications, working on websites and giving media training.

Classical music, the Arts, education and social affairs are also areas to which Rachel applies her expertise, backed by a strong science background, wide-ranging experience and an ability with languages.

The right words make all the difference.

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Rachel Pugh

WINNER - Freelance Medical Journalist Award 2014

Rachel Pugh





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